It’s not surprising that a point guard wearing number zero made a tremendous athletic play in an Oklahoma City Thunder game.  What did catch me, and most people off guard was that it was Jeff Teague going around Russell Westbrook (who wears number zero) and soared over the help side defense of NBA scoring leader Kevin Durant.

This is an important season for Teague, as the Hawks have moved team leader Joe Johnson in the off season, and are looking for him to be more of a player maker instead of the complimentary player he has been his first few years in the league.  Talent has never been the issue, really his success boils down to his decision making and work he’s put in on improving his jump shot to pay off.

One thing thats for sure he’s attacking the rim like a man with something to prove.  Kevin Durant can attest to that.

To the dunk:

But that was only his 2nd best dunk of the opening week of play! Even though this was ruled a charge this might be one of the most spectacular plays we see all year.  In fact I think if you finish like that, charge circle be damned, that’s a good bucket. I am sure if you ask Marcus Morris if he would draw that charge again he would say no lol: