Let’s first get this straight, there is no such thing as a two headed monster. The fact that we as boxing fans are comfortable calling the Klitschko brothers the two headed heavyweight champion says a lot about the state of boxing today. For 8 years these 2 fighters have owned the heavyweight division. Wladimir Klitschko has come out victorious in all of his fights since his 2004 TKO loss to Lamon Brewster. Vitali Klitschko’s last loss came to Lennox Lewis 9 years ago in one of the last great heavyweight fights we have seen.

On July 7th, Vitali Klitschko will face Tony Thompson in a rematch of their one-sided fight 4 years ago. Why? I don’t know. I guess the boxing gods are rewarding Thompson for going undefeated since then against the murderer’s row of Maurice Harris, Paul Marinaccio, Owen Beck, Chazz Witherspoon and Adnan Serin. This fight is a travesty.

Vitali Klitschko is looking to return to the ring in September against Mariusz Wach, Bermane Stiverne or Manuel Charr. The only way that would be remotely interesting is if Vitali fought all three of those guys on the same night.

What happens after the Klitschko brothers are victorious in their next fight? How many more Tony Thompson’s, Eddie Chambers’, and Sultan Ibragimov’s can they beat up on before we say “enough”? There is a difference between a titleholder and a champion. Every weight class has numerous titleholders but few weight classes have a champion. I remember when the heavyweight division had A Champion. Larry Holmes, Mike Tyson, Michael Moorer, George Foreman, Evander Holyfield, Lennox Lewis. These were champions. They may have been surrounded by several titleholders in the same division but they were the recognized heavyweight champion by the people. Who is our recognized heavyweight champion today?

In no way am I discrediting the accomplishments of the Klitschko brothers in their careers up to this point. I believe both are all time great heavyweight fighters. However, there comes a point in time when you have to take the toughest fight out there no matter the circumstances. Even if your competitior would be your brother. For years the Klitschko brothers have been the two top fighters in the heavyweight division. For years they have been vocal about the fact that they will never fight each other. For years we as boxing fans have given them a pass for dodging the second biggest fight that can be made in boxing today.

This is boxing, it’s a brutal and unforgiving sport. I understand why these 2 fighters who are connected by blood would not want to step inside the ring as competitiors. However, as fighters they should know the unwritten oath they took when they first laced up the gloves and began their respective journeys. When you are fighting in the same weight class as your brother and you are both equal in talent, you should know that you will eventually cross paths somewhere down the line. The two top fighters in each weight class should fight each other no matter if they have the same last name or not. The fact that the Klitschko brothers are given a hall pass from the fans and media serves as a huge disservice to the sport. It’s time that the boxing public starts demanding that the Klitschko brothers step in the ring and face each other.